Monday, July 19, 2010


After my visit to Jasmine Thai, I had to stop by at the place next door: Yogokiss. It's a frozen yogurt place right next door. They usually have a few different flavors and a couple made of soy (usually caramel and vanilla). They have a toppings bar with all the usual suspects like sprinkes, cookie dough, oreo bits, etc., and they also a wide variety of gorgeous fruits.


Sorry for the dark picture, but you can see the place is fun, very spacious, areas to hang out. The owner encourages people to write on little pink hearts and leave messages on the walls. There is also a wall of magazines, plus comfy couches, and free wi-fi to encourage people to stick around.


I've never had anything but kind service here. The owner and staff are happy to let you sample the flavors and explain the process. They also allowed me to take pictures in the restaurant (I always ask).


Here's the toppings bar. Unfortunately, I skipped all the healthy looking fruits and ended up with coconut, peanuts, and reeses peanut butter cup bits on sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt. Oh! I was also able to add bits of oatmeal waffle cone for free. I was not sad about it:

The yogurt was not screaming chocolate, but very subtle. It's a sugar-free, fat-free yogurt so it is a but watery and thin and there's little richness to the mouth feel. But it's pleasant. Certainly, if you want a decadent, creamy ice cream experience, this isn't the place for you.


I ordered a small with three toppings for about $4.15 after tax. As I have a smaller appetite, I generally share this size with my husband. I find it in line with other ice cream and yogurt places for this size and amount of toppings. Not cheaper, not more expensive.


A fun place, nice for hanging out, decent yogurt, great toppings. If you're right there and are looking for a sweet treat that's not going to be a calorie bomb, it's the place for you.

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