Friday, July 23, 2010

Symphony on the Prairie

A summer outing I always love is heading to Conner Prairie (a fantastic place on its own) to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (one of the very few full-time symphony orchestras in the country) play for the Symphony on the Prairie series.

Picture a wide expanse of gently sloping lawn which has this at its base:

The sun sets behind the grand stage and I can honestly say that I feel I am somewhere else completely.

Here's a shot of people hanging out right before the music started:

One of the most fun things is that people come early and bring wine, beer, and food to have picnics during the event. Here's PART of our spread!

My friends and I went to the John Denver tribute a couple weekends ago and I can say that I was blown away. The music was masterful and expertly played. The singer (John Curry) that came to sing the John Denver songs was almost a perfect vocal (and physical!) match. It was a magical evening.

Check out this link for the Symphony on the Prairie for the rest of the season's schedule and ticket/venue information.

Trust me, this is a summertime event worth checking out. It's one of the nicest things Indy has to offer.

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