Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jasmine Thai

I was out running errands and happened to be by 96th St. around lunch time. I love Thai food and generally like Jasmine Thai, so I ventured there for their lunch specials. They are located at 96th St. between Allisonville Rd. and Keystone Ave. (closer to Allisonville) at 4825 E. 96th St. in the River Ridge Crossing strip mall:

Here's the restaurant front:


Pleasant, you'll see some of the typical Thai restaurant hanging fabric art and the cat with the waving paw. Not exceptional, not terrible. It was clean and tidy, and I'm happy with that for a strip mall restaurant.


Pretty fast, attentive service. I've been to Jasmine Thai probably 10 times and service has never been an issue. All the waiters and waitresses are pretty good. Drinks are refilled quickly and they seem to accommodating, but then, I've never had any really odd requests beyond, "Can I have some salt?"


The lunch menu is a smaller version of their evening menu and all entrees come with a side of your choice of spring roll, salad, or soup (Thom Yum). The lunch entrees are priced at $6.99-$7.99 and feature the more popular Thai dishes (such as the curry dishes, the popular noodle dishes like Pad Thai, and others such as Pad Kra Prow).  I am a pretty light eater, so the lunch portion of the red curry with extra vegetables I ordered is enough for 2 meals.  I also had the spring roll (1 is served with a bit of sweet and sour sauce) as the appetizer.

The flavor is very good, not overly sweet like some curries can be. It's not the best red curry I've ever had and I felt it was lacking some essential ingredient that I couldn't put my finger on. It was almost there...but not quite. I ordered medium on their 5 point scale (mild, medium, medium hot, hot, Thai hot). The veggies were cooked to the point of being crisp-tender, and I liked that. As for the spring roll, it was a little rubbery. I wondered if had been pre-cooked and then re-heated. It had some shredded cabbage and carrots in it and was pleasant at best. I'd go with the Thom Yum soup next time.


I ordered a diet Coke with lemon along with my meal and the total was $9.53, $12.00 after tip. I felt that was reasonable for the amount of food I got.


Since I've already told you I've been here about 10 times, you can bet I'll be here again. This is my second favorite Thai restaurant in Indy and it's the closer one to my home (My favorite is Thai Spice across from the Greenwood Mall). I would say it's very good Thai food.

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