Monday, July 12, 2010

Loving Indy

I moved to Indy 9 years ago. The plan was: move to Indy, hubby gets a couple years experience working, we move away. Somehow, our plan didn't match up with reality. Let me be honest about my experience. I railed against living here, I was determined not to like it, and so I didn't. I had a negative attitude, and my experience bore that out.

A year and a half ago, however, my husband got the chance to live in Geneva, Switzerland for 6 months. We went and had a lovely time traipsing around Europe. But let me say this, I missed home and Indianapolis more than I can ever explain. I realized I LOVE America, I mean, really LOVE America. And more than that, I loved Indianapolis. The people, the gentle but vibrant Midwestern culture and sensibility, the accessibility.

I made a trip back to Indy during that sojourn in Switzerland, and in the airport on my way back to Geneva, I saw this (written by Norbert Krapf, Indiana Poet Laureate):

I swear my heart almost expanded out of my chest. That was exactly how I felt. This place that I lived I loved more than I knew.

And so this blog is a dedicated to my efforts to do all that I missed the first seven and half years that I've lived here. I've now had so many wonderful experiences in Indy, and done great things, eaten great food. I am going to use this blog to write about restaurants, places, and events in Indy. I want to convey the awesomeness that is Indy. A lot of people malign this place (formerly, ME), but it's a wonderful place, and I want to tell you all about it.

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