Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Trip to Cincinnati Part 2: Ikea Restaurant

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the awesomeness of Ikea. The closest one to me in Indy is the Cincinnati location. One of many great things about Ikea is its restaurant. Yes, its restaurant. The food is cheap (like, really cheap!) and tasty!

Here's the cafeteria food line. They are geniuses: Cakes first!

The superbly designed food cart. My husband and I managed to fill ours completely.

Just *some* of our meal:

Ikea's famous Swedish meatballs, lingonberry sauce, and mashed potatoes for the husband. Vegetable penne for me. Fries and salad on the side. Plus cake. All good!

My penne was definitely not al dente (it was very, very cooked!) but the flavor was pretty decent. I got dill, which isn't surprising given the Swedish influence.

The salad:

A close up of our cake:

English toffee, hazelnuts, a thick cream. Delicious.

Overall, really a great value. Our total bill was about $20.

Ikea keeps their prices down by having everyone bus their own tables. So you take your tray and put it on these huge rolling carts at the end of your meal. A small price to pay for a pretty great meal!

A 4/5 from me!

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